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Introducing our queen... Willow

Our current queen is our beautiful queen Kotkietka also known as 'Willow'. She was born on the 26th of December 2020, and we were incredibly lucky to be chosen by Blizzard Of Cats to be Willows human slaves!

Willow is a seal bi-colour (carrying chocolate) GCCF registered active Ragdoll.

Willow has fabulous eye colour and the most lush and exceptional coat. She has the sweetest of natures and has blossomed into the most magnificent mummy to her adorable kittens. She simply is perfect in every way!

At present we do not have a stud cat, which allows us to focus on our queens and our kittens. However, every care is taken when choosing and considering a stud, and only Champion and Grand Champion line studs are considered for our girls.


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