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The Little Ragdoll Kitten Company is a boutique style cat breeder based in Halifax, West Yorkshire

At The Little Ragdoll Kitten Company we are a very small in-house boutique style cat breeder based in Halifax, West Yorkshire.
We are registered breeders of the British Ragdoll Cat Club and the GCCF. Our prefix is LILDOLLCO.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do, and strive to produce the most outstanding quality kittens in accordance with the Ragdoll breed standard.

Our motto is  - Only the best for the best!

Which in turn means we have very few litters in order to achieve our own high standards. There is literally no expense spared with all our Ragdoll queens and kittens, and indeed with our other pets!
At The Little Ragdoll Kitten Co. all queens are firstly and foremost our family pets, and will continue to live happy lives with us after their retirement, as they are totally integral to our family, and are treated like royalty!


Our beautiful queen Kotkietka also known as Willow.


Willow is a seal bi-colour (carrying chocolate) GCCF registered active Ragdoll.


Willow has fabulous eye colour and the most lush and exceptional coat.



Our new queen for 2023. Jewelled Sky also known as Zuri, Swahili for 'beautiful'.

Zuri is a chocolate bi-colour bi-colour Lynx registered GCCF registered active Ragdoll.


Zuri has an unique Lynx pattern and an amazing temperament.

All the kittens at The Little Ragdoll Kitten Co. have a :
5 year generation certificate of pedigree

A kitten pack comprising of:
- kitten treats
- Josera starter food
- a blanket smelling of mummy
- kitten toys, all of which we know that they will enjoy
- photos and details of their life to date
- kitten contract
- 5 free weeks insurance provided by Agria pet insurance

Kittens will also enjoy a full lifetime of support from us all at The Little Ragdoll Kitten Co.

Current Litter
Diamond Collection

4 little kittens born on the 9th August 2022.

Diamond Skarpety - Seal, mitted colour point - Male

Diamond Kacper - Charcoal Bi-Colour - Male

Diamond Gabriel - Chocolate Bi-Colour - Male

Diamond Daniel - Seal Bi-Colour - Male




We have the option of a pet courier service to deliver your kitten should you be unable to visit us for collection. We have personally used the service, and would happily discuss and arrange your transport requirements with and for you.


We are more than happy to welcome you by appointment to view our kittens and of course our queesn in our home, but should this not be possible we are more than happy to update you or contact you via zoom or WhatsApp.


At The Little Ragdoll Kitten Co. all our exceptionally precious kittens are raised inside our family home, alongside Willow. With our 4 children, our border collie family dog Summer, and our koi carp (too many to mention all by name).


Creating incredibly well socialised and used to household hustle and bustle Kittens.


All our kittens go through an extensive health testing program prior to finding new human slaves for them. All our babies will be rigorously vet checked, fully health tested, fully vaccinated (including flead and wormed), microchipped and litter trained. They will all also be DNA tested by Langford Laboratories, so you will have full proof of colouring. It also goes without saying all kittens will be registered (non-active) with the GCCF.


Willow and our babies are all weaned and exclusively fed on Josera cat food. This is a human grade pet food which is gluten, grain and carbon free. It has exceptional digestibility ratios so daily rations are very low. It contains dietary fibre to help prevent hairball formation. It is voted most sustainable yet food brand globally by the pet sustainability coalition.


We are always here for you and your kitten questions!

All our fur babies really do get the very best start in life, and you really can have peace of mind when you become part of The Little Ragdoll Kitten Co family.


Ragdolls are so affectionate, intelligent, relaxed in temperament, gentle, easy to handle lap cat with a wonderful foolish nature in play.


Ragdolls love physical affection and show such love. Ragdolls are generally very social and needy, and they absolutely crave your attention!


Ragdolls come in six different colours: Red, Seal, Chocolate and the corresponding 'dilutes'  including Blue, Lilac and cream. Ragdolls are born White,  have good colour by 8-10 weeks and full colour coat at 3-4 years old.


There are three different patterns ;Colourpoint, Mitted and Bi-colour.

All our fur babies really do get the very best start in life, and you really can have peace of mind when you become part of The Little Ragdoll Kitten Co. family.

If you feel you can offer one of our gorgeous babies a wonderful loving indoor (only) home. Prices start from £850. Then please do get in touch.

For further details on pricing (dependent upon gender, colours and patterns), or any other enquiries please contact Jenna on. 07368 438067 or fill in the form below.



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